A Deeper Look at Organic Erythritol

Organic Erythritol is a kind of white crystalline powder, which is a Non-GMO sweetener, the entrance has a cool taste, and the taste is pure.

High stability: very stable to acid and heat, high acid and alkali resistance, and will not decompose and change at temperatures below 200 °C, the Maillard reaction does not occur and discoloration occurs.

The high heat of dissolution: Erythritol has an endothermic effect when dissolved in water. The heat of dissolution is only 97.4kJ/kg, which is higher than the endothermic degree of glucose and sorbitol, and it has a cool feeling when eating.

Low hygroscopicity: Erythritol is very easy to crystallize, but it will not absorb moisture in a 90% humidity environment, and it is easy to pulverize to obtain a powdered product, which can be used on the surface of the food to prevent food from absorbing moisture and deteriorating.

A Deeper Look at Organic Erythritol

In recent years, Organic erythritol has been used in the development of new zero-calorie and low-calorie beverages. Organic Erythritol can add sweetness, heaviness, and lubricity to beverages, while reducing bitterness, masking other odors, and enhancing beverage flavor.

Erythritol can also be used in refreshing solid beverages because erythritol absorbs a lot of heat as it dissolves. Organic Erythritol can promote the solution binding of ethanol molecules and water molecules, alcoholic beverages can reduce the odor and sensory stimulation of alcohol, and can effectively improve the quality of liquor and wine.

Organic Erythritol can also significantly improve the bad smell of plant extracts, collagen, peptides, and other substances. Therefore, at present, Organic erythritol has been added to the formulation of some collagen products to improve the taste.

It is also used in chocolate production. Organic Erythritol has the characteristics of good thermal stability and low hygroscopicity. It can be operated in an environment above 80 ° C to shorten the processing time. At the same time, due to the use of Organic erythritol in the production process of chocolate The heating temperature is higher than traditional, which is conducive to promoting the production of flavor.

Organic Erythritol can easily replace sucrose in the product and reduce the energy of chocolate by 34%. No other sugar alcohol can provide such energy reduction value, and give the product a cool taste and non-cariogenic characteristics. Due to the low hygroscopicity of Organic erythritol, it helps to overcome the blooming phenomenon when making chocolate with other sugars.