Organic Maltodextrin

  • Appearance : White Fine Powder
  • Brand : ORGANICWAY
  • De Value : 10-15 or 15-20
  • Origin Of Plant : Heilongjiang
  • Product Name : Organic Maltodextrin
  • Organic Maltodextrin

    What is it?

    Organic maltodextrin is a plant-sourced sweetener made from corn starch. It is generally used to thicken or as a filler to increase the volume of processed foods. Less than 20% sugar, it is used to boost up carbohydrate counts for patients who are diabetic or insulin resistance.

    Our corn grows in Heilongjiang province, the soil fertility here is particularly good for organic corn. The most cost-effective approaches are to rely on N from the legume, cover crop and manure sources and P and K from manure.

    Our organic maltodextrin is a flavorless, easily digested carbohydrate made from corn starch. The starch is cooked, and then acid and/or enzymes (a process similar to that used by the body to digest carbohydrates) are used to break the starch into smaller chains (3-20 chains in maltodextrin). These chains are composed of several dextrose molecules held together by very weak hydrogen bonds.


    • Nutritional pure carbohydrates
    • The excellent carrier of sweetness and spices
    • Low calorie, low cholesterol
    • It is all kinds of food filling and thickening agent


    The biggest use of the organic type of maltodextrin is made in the field of food preservation, where it is used as a popular food additive. Its low-calorie content makes maltodextrin a healthier sugar substitute. It means maltodextrin can be used in drinks and beverage like protein shakes, teas, and coffees. Maltodextrin is found effective for weight loss and diabetes. It is also found effective for weight gain, bodybuilding and muscle building and hence is widely used by people who wish to gain tout body.