Organic Malt Syrup

  • Appearance: Light syrup
  • Product Name: Organic Malt Syrup
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Organic malt syrup is made from high-quality corn starch, after liquefaction, saccharification, decolorization, filtration, and refined concentration, with maltose as the main component product. Maltose syrup has low moisture absorption and high moisture retention, mild and moderate sweetness, good anti-crystallization, anti-oxidation, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, and low freezing point.


Components F42 F55
Fructose 42 55
Glucose 52 40
polysaccharide 6 4
Solid Matter 71 77
Appearance Liquid, transparent without impurity
Color No color or Light yellow
Flavor Pure sweet smell of glucose and fructose


Organic malt syrup is widely used in candy, cold drink products, dairy products, beer, jelly, baked goods, condiments, enzyme preparations, convenience foods, meat products, and other industries.

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