Organic Rice Starch

  • Appearance : White Powder
  • Moisture : ≤ 14%
  • Product Name : Organic Rice Starch
  • Starch Content : ≥95%
  • Whiteness : ≥90%
  • organic rice starch

    What is it?

    Organic Rice Starch is gluten free with no additives or preservatives. it is 100% natural and completely GMO-free, and made from the same raw material of organic rice protein.

    Among all commercial starch, rice starch has the smallest particle size, and its particle size is about 3 x 3-8 x 3. Organic Rice starch with small particles, color and luster is white, easy digest, low allergenic excellent features, and after the paste has exquisite structure and similar cream flavor, so in the special food such as baby food, medicine and cosmetics industry has important application value. At the same time, rice starch as a renewable resource has also played a good substitute for many traditional non-renewable resources.


    Rice starch has a very fine granularity with granules having about the same size as fat globules, making it a possible fat replacer. After heating with water it forms a gel with a smooth and creamy texture.

    Rice starch also has a neutral taste and clear white colorassuring preservation of the authentic taste and color of your food product.

    Main advantages of rice starch:

    • Neutral taste
    • White color
    • transparent gel
    • Soft creamy texture, possible fat replacer
    • GMO-, gluten- and allergen free
    • Great digestibility


    Rice starch can be used in a large number of applications, including

    • baby foods and organic infant meals
    • ready-to-eat meals
    • soups & sauces
    • cereals and cereal bars
    • confectionery coatings
    • organic food products